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I was suffering from severe anxiety and stress before I met Julian.
Before hypnotherapy I had tried many different things to help but nothing had lasting results - the anxiety always came back. I didn't really know anything about hypnotherapy before but i decided to approach it with an open mind and It was probably one of the best decision of my life. Julian is very kind, compassionate and his good energy made me trust him right away. Already after the first session I could feel a tremendous physical and mental release. With Julians help I was able to find the root cause of my fears and able to let go of them. My anxiety is gone thanks to him and I am beyond grateful of all the help from him. He has my warmest recommendations!!

From Landmark, Manitoba

I met Julian briefly through a friend in Canmore. Was interested in quitting smoking. I was immediately drawn to his calm gentle nature and voice. I have been a smoker on and off for 47 years. I had lung cancer from smoking and surgery to remove half right lung. Also had bypass surgery on my right leg due to circulation issues. Even all this did not stop my smoking. I came home and at my lung dr appt they found 5 spots on the left lung - not diagnosed yet. I became sad, afraid, upset, anxious, angry, desperate, and many more emotions. I immediately thought of Julian and reached out to him for help. He was there for me immediately and dedicated 100%. I have had 3 session in the past 4 weeks. They were AMAZING. They have been life changing. Today I am 21 days smoke free. I also have freedom from the emotions I felt and am now at peace, calm and happy. What a wonderful feeling. I can now face the future and the medical tests/results. Julian is caring and professional. He has been my life line. What he does - works. Thank you thank you thank you Julian