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Regression Example


As an example a fear of flying today in a 50yr old can be traced back to that 3yr old child who had the emotion created by being scared or by being alone and scared in a moment of time. Once the root is fixed at 3yrs old the phobia of fear of flying diminishes today. This is Advanced Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy also known as Regression Hypnotherapy or Hypno-analysis Hynpotherapy | Hypnosis. At Canmore Hypnotherapy we can combine Guided Imagery and our Higher Mind Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy. To enhance and complete the powerful Regression Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis.

Your issue or problem is connected to a feeling an emotion or a perception.

This feeling was created more than likely as a child. The root cause and the symptoms it produced then are almost indefinitely not the same as your current symptoms or emotion today. But as a result of layering and amplification at every subsequent sensitizing event such as loss of a loved one, the current symptoms have now evolved into something completely different. By following the feeling back to its root we can fix it and then it is removed moving forward from that original date in the past. Therefore your current symptoms diminish.